Adding Pixels to Production

Award winning Producer and founder of Sounds Fishy Productions – Ian Fish, is pioneering the use of video to bring audio imaging and branding in to the multi-media era.

Sounds Fishy has seen great success creating ‘Visualizers’ for renowned media and production companies around the world, including TM Studios, On The Sly Productions, Global Radio and Beds & Beats.

Also, in an industry first partnership between Benztown Branding and BMG Production Music, Sounds Fishy Productions was chosen as the company to help them make their announcement at last week’s World Wide Radio Summit in Hollywood.

Ian Fish, who has won multiple international awards for his work in radio production and has over two decades of experience in TV and Radio Production, said “It is fantastic that the world’s top music, media and production companies have identified the need for video ‘Visualizers’ and this proves how important multimedia is to the future of imaging, branding and marketing in radio and production. I am incredibly proud that they chose Sounds Fishy to bring their brands and audio to life.”

Speaking of the ‘Visualizer’ video production for their latest partnership announcement, Chris Johansing, Director of Marketing at Benztown said: “Ian delivered an amazingly higher-than-high-def product, loaded with creative fun surprises. His ability to understand our audio product and translate it to video, without losing the brand voice, makes Sounds Fishy Productions my A-Team for bringing audio to life in a visual medium.”

Greg Clancy, GM/VP Creative at TM Studio said “The ability to showcase our audio with broadcast quality graphics that demonstrate our high production value is vital to us, as both a creative style and marketing tool for ‘TM Evo’”.

Chris Thorpe from On The Sly Audio Production said “Ian has been our go-to guy when it comes to visualisation for On The Sly. We’ve been really happy with how he’s brought our audio to life, working with our brand values and delivering visuals to our audio that have smashed it out of the park.”

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1. Benztown
2. Beds & Beats
3. TM Studios
4. On The Sly Productions
5. UTV Group

Benztown / BMG Production Music

Benztown is a leading international radio imaging, production library, programming, jingles and voiceover services company with over 2,300 affiliations on six different continents. In 2016, Benztown was named to
the prestigious Inc. 5000 by Inc. magazine for the fourth consecutive year as one of America’s Fastest Growing Privately Held Companies.
With studios in Los Angeles, New York, and Stuttgart, Benztown offers the highest quality audio imaging workparts for 23 libraries across 14 music and spoken word formats including.

BMG Production Music is a premium full-service sound agency servicing the film, broadcast, games and advertising industries with pre-cleared music content. BMG Production Music is sculpting new ways to connect creatives with composers, offering online access to a curated catalog of around 400,000 tracks spanning all genres. Its custom music division can also produce tailor-made music prepared by BMG signed artists and songwriters for any project needing a personalized soundtrack. The new operation includes offices in LA, Nashville, London, Hilversum and Berlin. BMG Production Music is fully-owned by new music company BMG, the world’s fourth biggest music publisher and the first new global player in the recordings business in decades.

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Beds & Beats
Product Launch – BeatFix

Showcase Visualizers

Product Launch – Retro Beats

Product Launch – Winning

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TM Studios
Product Launch –

Audio Players

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TM Studios is the world leader in audio branding. Heard on thousands of radio stations on every continent, TM products connect consumers to their passions through the most powerful sound of all,
music. A full-service audio creative agency, TM Studios provides branding solutions for radio stations and top-tier brands across all consumer categories.

On The Sly Productions
Showreel Visualized

Monthly Showcase

Audio production company providing branding, radio imaging, song intros & outros, voiceovers, sound design FX, custom music, and radio imaging consultancy to some of the world’s biggest brands. Working
with clients from London to Los Angeles, Cape Town, Paris, Sydney, Dubai. Heard on 104.3 My FM (KBIG) Los Angeles, 93.9 My FM (WLIT) Chicago, Heart FM and XFM and BBC Radio 1 & 6 Music in the UK, or Nova Network in Australia.

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UTV Group
Station Promo Visualized

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